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The WBCADC has associated fully with MGNREGA programme since 2011-12 in all projects of almost all the districts [except S.24 pgs. And DakshinDinajpur] involving the local SHGs.

The scheme undertaken by the programme since 2011-12 is given below:

  • Nursery raising on fruit and forest plant.
  • Vetiver seedling raising
  • Hardening of banana tissue cultur.
  • Establishment of poultry,piggery,goatery unit
  • Skill development training
  • Land Laveling
  • Repeating of approach road
  • Integrated farming by IBS,
  • vermin compost unit,Re- excavation of pond


  • 295305 nos.of women SHG members were involved as unskilled labour, have gathered experience in production and management
    of seedling and sapling raising. So to develop in this sector required finantial support may be provided from concerned department and necessary
    technical support with training WBCADC has its own infrastructure.
  • Scope of convergence with Horticulture Department/ WBSRLM and RKVY programe for development of small scale entrepreneurship involving SHGs