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A. Seed Multiplication:-

  • Seed Multiplication programme is most vital programme under Agriculture.
  • Ten seed processing units are running since last 5-6 years at Kaliyaganj, Nalhati-1, Boinchi,Kalna-II, Saharjore,A.Hills, Bagnan. Sonamukhi, Haringhata and KVK, Sonamukhi for Processing of seeds under Seed Multiplication programme.

Agriculture Training:

Salient points of training:

  1. Identification of healthy seeds
  2. Use of seed treatment chemical and process.
  3. Seed-bed preparation and seed sowing.
  4. Transplanting technique.
  5. Use of organic & inorganic fertilizers.
  6. Plant protection measures.
  7. Harvesting & seed storing technologies.

B. Horticulture:

  • Since last consecutive years, this Corporation has been emphasizing on productionof Horticultural Plants such as new variety Mango, Custard apple , Citrus, Litchi, Tissue cultured Banana, Jackfruit (pink, red and normal), Dragon fruits, Musambi, Pomegranates, Papaya (Red lady, Ranchi and others), Drum stick and different kind of vegetable seedling etc.
  • The above all types of seedling has been raising and distributing to the farmers in respective District for nutrients purpose of the poorest of the poor.
  • All the parent stock has been maintained by our Projects for the above purpose including develops the parent stock of Persimmon, Brunai king mango. ThilandBaramas Mango & Coconut, dates (Already introduced), Avogadro fruits etc.

Poly House/ Shed-net house:-

  • It is especially for off seasonal exotic & indigenous vegetable and fruits seedling saves from hot spell.
  • Avoid Disease and pest of the raised seedlings than normal seedlings raising by the farmers in his own land specially in Rainy season.
  • Besides that organic vegetable has been reaped soundly by using judicious application of irrigation water and Organic Fertilizers by which health hazards can be controlled.

Medicinal Plants:-

WBCADC has been taking this seedlings raising programme in the Project farm and SHGs Cluster level by maintaining pedigree for distributing seedlings to the respective District Farmers with a view to long economical benefit of the Farmers community as well as to meet up the Govt. requirement. The lists of crops are given hereunder:-

Aswagandha, Sarpagandha, Kakmachi, kalmegh, Gulancha, Ghritakumari, bhringaraja,Owatkombal, Sankarjata, Kalodhutura,Ayapan, Basak, Pipul, Anantamul, Stivia,Pudina,Kesut etc.

Tree Medicinal plant:-

Arjun, Amlaki, Bahera, Harituki,Kurchi, neem, ParulBel, Raktakanchan,Sonak, Asok etc.

C. Others

The Corporation has engaged in producing and supplying of Gladiolus Bulb/Tube rose, Zerbera/ Merigold seedlings under Floriculture Development programme.Production& Marketing of Turmeric/ Zinger, supplying of Neem based pesticides and Forest seeds.Construction of Vermi Compost and Azolla units through SHGs for creating the marketing channel.

D. Progeny Orchard

The Corporation has created a good impact on production of good quality seedlings, grafts and gooties of fruits bearing Plants through Progeny orchards Spread in different areas of the district with the help of HHGs of the locality.

E. Extension Programme:-

Three soil & water testing Laboratories installed at Deganga, Ranaghat-II & KVK Sonamukhi since last 11 years

The Corporation has established another 15 of said units under 14 Projects. Besides that training of youth with Agriculture and Allied Activities has been given since inception specially on transfer of technology and on introduction of new crops and varieties through trial and Demonstration and the result disseminated among the SHGs and Farmers.

Discussion on Agriculture Programme was initiated by Sri DebabrataHui, In-charge, Agriculture Cell. Interaction with the entire project on different Agriculture Programme was made in details but view of projects and H.Qtrs.was stated point wise and in brief.