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Facilities inside the VIP room

The facilities inside the room.

Facilities inside the room

Facilities inside the Conference Hall

Office – the beautification of nature

Booking Centers-


MRITTIKA BHAVAN, 18/9, DD Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064



“NREP Building ”PuruliaZillaParishad.Phone: (032252)225-726

Sl No.



Name of Guest House



Capacity Total Total Bed
Double bed room facility Dormitory
1 Niharika 5 Nos. 1 No. 6 Rooms 14Nos
2 Malabika 13 Nos 6 Nos 19 Rooms 56 Nos
3 R.T.C Nil 4 Nos. 4 Rooms 34 Nos
4 Trishna 2 suits Nil 4 Rooms 04Nos
5 Upekkhita 2 suits Nil 4 Rooms 04Nos
6 Bivabari 4 suits Nil 4 Rooms 12Nos
7 Balaka 4 nos. Nil 4 Room

N.B – At present there are no booking for Upekkhita and TrishnaGuest houses due to renovation and up gradation.



Tourist Accommodation at Ajodhya Hills



Status of room with facilities incorporated Tariff (Rs.) G .S.T.


Rate of G.S.T Total (Rs.)
1 Dormitory common bath (per bed) 200/- Nil Nil 200/-
2 Double bedded common bath with L.E.D. 700/- Nil Nil 700/-
3 Double bedded non A.C. attached bath with geyser & L.E.D 1,000/- 120/- 12% 1.120/-
4 Double bedded A.C. attached bath with geyser & dressing with L.E.D 1,500/- 180/- 12% 1,680/-
5 Double bedded suit (A.C.) attached bath with geyser & L.E.D 3,000/- 540/- 18% 3,540/-
6 Double bedded suit (A.C.) attached bath,geyser,dressing with seating lobby, Balcony 7 L.E.D 3,600/- 648/- 18% 4,248/-
7 A.C double bedded with bath, geyser, L.E.D, dressing & Aquarium. 3600/- 648/ 18% 4248/-
7 Double bedded A.C. with balcony,bath,geyser,dressing, Balcony& L.E.D 1,800/- 324/- 18% 2,124/-
8 Conference Hall (A.C.) 3,600/- 648/- 18%      4,248/-

Tourist attractions in and around Ajodhya Hills are:


  1. BamniFalls
  2. Black Banian Tree
  3. Chhau Dance
  4. Chorida (Ajodhya of mask production for Chhau dance &birth place of late Gombhira Sing Mura, a ‘Padmasree’ winner for extra-ordinary performance)
  5. Gobrea Dense Forest
  6. Khoirbera Dam (Scenic Beauty)
  7. MayurPahar (Peacock Hills)
  8. MathaForest
  9. Murgama Dam via Bamni (Tourist spot with scenic beauty and for long drive )
  10. PuruliaPump Storage (Hydel Power Project with the collaboration ofJapan&WBSEB)
  11. Santal Dance
  12. ShivaTemple at Laharia (For devotees)
  13. SitaKundu (Auto flow) (Specially for students of Anthropology)
  14. TurgaFalls& Dam
  15. Usulduri (Sun Rise Spot)

The highest peak Gargaburu at Ajodhya Hills near Matha is 2220 ft,(676.6 meter)

Hydro-Electric Power Plants (jointly with Japan & WBSEB Collaboration Project)-4 K.M distance from this Office

Palash-the beauty in AJODHYA HILLS


Palash-the beauty in AJODHYA HILLS

Usuldungri- the sun rise point 12 K.M

PakhiPahar-15 Km. from this Office

The “Chhou” dance- Great Creation of  Hon’ble (Late ) Gambhis Singh Mura, Charida Village , Bagmundi Block -6-7 Km. Distance

Rama temple-1 Km. distance from this Office

The Rama Temple-The Art & Sculpture -1 Km. from this Office

The Bharat SevashramSangha- 1 Km. distance from this Office

Bus Route FromPurulia to Ajodhya Hill top

Sl No. Name of the Bus Departure point Departure Time Arrival Point Arrival Time
1 S.B.S.T.C From Purulia Bus stand to Ajodhya 08.00A.M. Ajodhya Hill Top 9.45 A.M
01.30 P.M. 3:15 P.M
2 S.B.S.T.C Ajodhya to Purulia Bus stand 10.45 A.M. Purulia Bus stand 12.30 P.M.
04.10 P.M. 06.00 P.M.
3 Private BusGoutam From Purulia Bus stand to Ajodhya 10.30 A.M. Ajodhya Hill Top 12.30 P.M.
3.10 P.M. 05.00P.M.
4 Private Bus Goutam Ajodhya to Purulia Bus stand 08.10 A.M. Purulia Bus stand 10.00 A.M.
12.45 P.M 2.30 P.M.

Train Route for Ajodhya Hill top

Train No Train Name Station To station Departure Arrival
58011 UP. Howrah Chakradharpur Passenger Howrah Purulia 11.05 P.M 6.20 A.M
58012 DN. Chakradharpur to Howrah Passenger Purulia Howrah 8.15 P.M. 4.20 P.M
18617 UP. Howrah- Ranchi

Exp- Intercity

(Thu., Fri., Sat,)

Howrah Purulia 3.05 P.M. 8.33P.M.
18618 DN. Ranchi –Howrah


(Thu.,Fri., Sat.,)

Purulia Howrah 8.20 A.M. 2.20 P.M.


12883 UP. Howrah –Purulia

(Rupasi Bangla Exp.)

Satragachi Purulia 06.00A.M 11.50 A.M
12884 DN. Howrah –Purulia

(Rupasi Bangla Exp.)

Purulia Satragachi 03.35 P.M 09.15 P.M
12827 UP. Howrah –PuruliaExp


Howrah Purulia 04.50P.M. 10.20 P.M
12828 DN


Purulia- Howrah Exp


Purulia Howrah 05.30A.M. 11.40 A.M


12152 UP. Howrah-Lokmanya

Talak Exp.(Sat.,Sun)

Howrah Purulia 9.15P.M. 02.38A.M
12151 DN. Lokmanya- Howrah

Talak Exp.(Fri.,Sat)

Purulia Howrah 02.04A.M. 08.22A.M
12865 UP. Howrah  -Purulia


(Lalmati Exp.)


Howrah Purulia 08.30 A.M. 02.15P.M
12866 DN. Purulia – Howrah


(Lalmati Exp.)


Purulia Howrah 02.45P.M. 08.30 P.M


Vegetable Cultivatedat Hilltop Campus for tourist :-

Open dining space for Tourist :-

Open seating arrangement for Tourist(50 Nos.):-

Open Kitchen for the trainees of School Student:-

RTC Building for training of student and farmers (50 beds)  :-

Reception Room for tourist halt:-