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WBCADC along with its multidimensional activities in rural areas took up sustainable development of aquatic resource through Pisciculture practice in inland ponds, tanks in different Projects of CADC situated in different Agro Climatic Zone of West Bengal.

Fishery Activities:-

The schemes are designed in such a way which not only attaining self sufficient for farmers by increasing production of fish but also exploring possibilities of man days creation through execution of new scheme following scientifically culture practice for augmenting livelihood opportunities for rural Fishermen community and SHGs as a hole.


  • Production & marketing of IMC & exotic carp fish seed by Eco-Hatchery in reasonable price.Rate: Rs. 550/- to Rs. 250/- per Batiapprox depend on season.
  • Production &marketing of Fry, Fingerling & Table fishin reasonable price.
Fry Fingerling Table Fish
Average Price Rate Rs. 220/- per Kg. Rs. 150/- per Kg. Rs. 140/- per Kg.
  • Production& marketing of Giant prawn post larvae.Price Rate: Rs. 1.25/- per pic.
  • Production & marketing of ornamental Fish Culture. Price rate: 20 to 30 days old Rs. 0.25/- per pic (Gold Fish & Koi Carp), Life bearer like Gappi, Molly, etc seed mature Rs. 3/- per pic.
  • Production & marketing of new endangered Fish seed like Sarpunti, Amur, Pengma (Monipuri Sarputi) Tangra etc. Price Rate Rs. 0.40/- per pic (20 to 30 Days old), Rs. 1.00/- to 1.5/- ( 30 days above).
  • Production & marketing of indigenous air breathing Fish seed like Koi, Singimagur.Price Rate Rs. 0.40/- per pic (20 to 30 Days old), Rs. 1.50/- to 2.00/- ( 30 days above).
  • Production & marketing of new variety of fish seed.
  • Extension & Training Programme.
  • Introduction of low cost re-circulating aqua culture system newly started at Tamluk-1 Project.
  • New initiatives of live Fish & Frozen Fish marketing and preservation of day Fish.